Terms & Conditions

scope of work

To keep the price low this quote is based on creating everything only once.

- Every project is unique, therefore, it is impossible for us to accurately anticipate the number of Design Changes, if any, that will be needed.

- We quote all projects based on creating everything only once, with a small amount of time (usually mentioned as a line item in this document) allocated for a few minor Design Changes. Of course Corrections will be made to insure that we have accurately presented the design.

extended scope of work, design changes

'Design Changes will be billed at our standard rate of $130 per hour. Asking for Design Changes constitutes authorization to bill for the additional work.

- Design Changes are considered extended scope and will be billed at our standard hourly rate of $130. If requested, we will be happy to give you a separate quote for the additional work. A few small Design Changes are typical with most projects and are usually included as a line item.

- "Design Changes" are defined as follows: 1) New information that was not supplied at the time of this proposal. 2) Changes to information after the original information has been used.

review / approval

In-progress artwork will be sent for you to review for correctness.

- The review process is for you to review the correctness of our content, design, structure, functionality, etc.

- Corrections are included in this proposal. Corrections will be based on your comments. Requested new Corrections after the first set of Corrections constitutes Design Changes and will be bill accordingly.

- "Corrections" are defined as requested changes to the design(s) as follows: 1) Graphics or animations need to be adjusted. 2) Functionality or design that needs to be corrected. 3) Adjusting the structure or ‘build’. 4) Refining the design.

billing / payment

50% due to begin work. Balance is due upon invoice receipt.

- The signer of this document agrees to make a personal guarantee for the amount due.

- The remaining balance, as well as any “Design Changes,” will be billed at project completion.

- Interest on the outstanding balance will incur at 18% per annum starting at 60 days; interest will be retroactive to the initial invoice date.

- Interest, collections fees, attorney & court costs may be added to delinquent accounts.


- The design, products, and brands created are your property and can be used for any lawful purpose, although we reserve the right to use all work for our own marketing purposes.