Global Logistics and Capabilities

Our business represents some of the largest manufacturers in the food and beverage world.  Because we only buy and sell in FCL and continually have grown year on year , our purchasing power continues to grow and hence we are able to offer some of the best pricing for food and beverage products on the planet.

Some of our services include:

  • Imports to all major capitals in World
  • Exports to all international regions
  • Conference/Non-Conference sailings
  • FCL
  • Breakbulk cargoes
  • Multivendor consolidation
  • Complete export documentation services
  • Electronic order tracking and reporting
  • Full Sea Cargo Automation (SCA) clearance via customs in Canberra
  • Full door-to-door services
  • Quarantine clearances via AQIS & IFIP
  • Dangerous goods handling
  • Centralised strategic administration and management of corporate national accounts
  • Over-dimensional cargo handling
  • Project management and shipment control
  • Local Customs clearance and delivery
  • Export packing
  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Fumigation services
  • Product analysis
  • Direct Client access to electronic data

We represent manufacturers on every continent on the planet; giving us a huge range of beverage products within different product categories as well food products sold to wholesalers, distributors and large scale organisations giving the opportunity to have and make big margins.