The Most Searched Private Label Products

Private Label Products to Watch in 2017

2017 is looking to become a great year for private label products for a multitude of the food and beverage categories. Choosing what trends will take off in 2017 can be one the most elusive but rewarding gambles that we should all be making.

In 2016 entrepreneur guru Steve Case (the founder of AOL) published 'The Third Wave' identifying food to be a prime sector at the mercy of the internet. Case claims that the third wave will revolutionise the way food and beverages are created, delivered and consumed. Creating private label food and beverage is on the cusp of joining the on-demand craze and I'm here to outline the products I think will be at the forefront of the trend. As distribution networks continue to become more robust any private label food or beverage can become instantly available in a matter of weeks or even less. 





Ready to drink and packaged tea will continue to move towards the health segment of the markets, even now healthy tea has captured the lives of hundreds of thousands all over the world. Tea trends have grown enormously thanks to trend setters like SkinnyMe Tea who changed the purpose of tea drinking. The next stage will be the delivery of 'functional' teas, ready to drink (RTD), with all of the health benefits, straight out of the bottle!



What is growing faster than the energy drink market? Hard to answer isn't it? Private label energy drinks continue to be in popular demand (and one of our most requested products) as more companies look to define their image with the fast paced adrenaline lifestyle that embodies the youth of today. Custom energy drink branding provides the perfect opportunity to position a brand for millennials. Try your best to have a unique spin if you are entering this market - and this could be done via unique packaging or with custom formulations.



To go further into the active lifestyle market segment sports drinks are perfect for aligning a brand with sports event or a sport season at certain times of the year. Sports drinks as a category are up a very impressive 10+% on the last year. Creating a sports drink for a local sports team or a custom label for a venue are two growing market opportunities, in addition to 'natural' alternatives. The sports drink market is prime for disruption as Gatorade and Powerade dominate markets all over the world.



The gateway to healthy living we all know coconut water has been around for a while now. An essential ingredient to any decent healthy diet low in sugar and providing many of the isotonic benefits of sports drinks coconut water is key for a health brand. Its affordable nature and range of benefits make it perfect for client offerings or positioning a brand for the healthy living lifestyle. Additionally we are seeing tremendous growth across all dairy alternatives to milk, making coconut milk another major opportunity.




Acai berries, cacau powder, goji berries, kale, quinoa and of course chai seeds continue to have impressive growth, both across health foods stores and retail, and even more so online. Super foods are the trend of the 21st century and everyone is trying to sneak them into their recipes to market the superfood angle. Sourcing the best super foods and creating a reliable distribution network is the key for your brand to embrace the health trend sweeping through every super market.



Taking that next step further nutrition supplements have taken off all over the world with a large import demand coming from Asia. Supplements range from the basic multi-vitamins to the more complex treatment of disease in some cases. We don't claim to have the knowledge for treating anything without proper doctor consultation but the fact stands that supplements are becoming more popular for healthy living and often positioned as lifestyle products. Brand your supplements properly and have trustworthy ingredients for your private label to break into this high growth market. 



Following on from private label superfoods its all about being natural and organic with your fruit and vegetables. Finding the highest quality fruit and organic vegetables means a whole lot more to the consumer today then it did fifteen years ago. We have a selection of all your staple fruit and vegetables available for private label, including both conventional and organic, in addition to a number or more exotic varieties including dragonfruit, soursop, mango, and passionfruit to help give you a unique tropical twist to marketing your range.



The soft drinks market is a tough nut to crack for sure but any market that is dominated by a select few is always prime for disruption. Creating private label soft drinks could be a high growth are for the right enterprise. Finding the niche in the right market with the right mix is all it would take to begin carving a market share into a very standardised industry. Smart design and delivery is all it would take to create that special point of differentiation heading into 2017.



Micro brewing has grown to be immensely popular in the last decade and does not look to be slowing down. Creating a private label beer run for special events or seasons has become popular with some of the largest brewing companies in the world. Samuel Adams in the North East of the US being a prime example of creating quality seasonal brands to capitalise on the craft brewing craze. Craft beers which by nature mean they have been produced in a small batch also give the opportunity to test a market without too much up front capital. Just beware of local taxes and tariffs that could put a major dent in your profit margin, they certainly need to be evaluated before approaching any buyers.


Predicting The Product Market

It is certainly difficult to tell where the market will move but each product mentioned above is showing promising growth for 2017. Knowing your market and positioning your brand is key to breaking into the food and beverages industry. Here at the Private Label Lab we work with industry leaders down to the eager entrepreneur with the same respect and dedication. Our advantage is the ability to design, develop, and deliver quality products all over the world and manage the entire process - we are your partners in innovation . If you would like to know more about the statistics and figures behind the growth of each product or you are interested in our service don't be afraid to drop us a line.

If you think there is another product that we missed or want to talk about a product from above let us know in the comments or send me an email at