The Basics of Selling on Amazon

If you’re not stubborn, you’ll give up on experiments too soon. And if you’re not flexible, you’ll pound your head against the wall and you won’t see a different solution to a problem you’re trying to solve.
— Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO of Amazon

The Amazon Market - Respecting the Jungle


Fulfilment by Amazon 'You sell it, we ship it', the motto of Amazon rings true for every small, medium or big business looking to sell their products on the marketplace behemoth. To master the opportunity of Amazon and its vast network of fulfilment centres follow me as I break down the basics of what to consider. But before we get started we should first appreciate what Amazon really has brought to the table. 

Take us back to 2015, it was big news when Amazons market cap surpassed that of Wal-Mart with a runaway earnings report valuing Amazon at $US264 billion. Today everyone from teenagers to baby boomers utilize the legendary prime service to buy products. It is this incredible growth all over the world that we are want to exploit. Everyone in the business of selling products should maximise the potential of Amazons fulfilment services to reach more of your market everywhere at anytime. This week we will tackle this very question and identify the possibilities that Amazon provides for selling products. 

Amazon Account Basics - Getting Ready

Selling products on Amazon

Here at the Private Label Lab we are always creating and manufacturing unique products that our clients could potentially position on Amazon. Creating your own private label product will avoid the constant battle for the coveted 'buy now' button position that so many resellers worry about.

Your account should be set as a professional account since we are looking to sell more than 40 products a month, fingers crossed. The professional account also comes with a range of perks that Amazon offers to make your product management far more efficient. Setting up your account is quite straight forward and their is quite a lengthy and detailed introduction course made by Amazon to walk you through the process right here.

While setting up your professional account start to think about some selling milestones for yourself. Perhaps when you hit 10 units a week you will launch a new colour of a certain product, 85 units a month and you'll try marketing on Facebook.  Begin to define your product/marketing roadmap. 

Setting Your Price

Just because we are selling unique products doesn't necessarily mean we are selling premium products. Find that happy medium for your price, stake out the competition and figure out where your price should be. Search around for competition or substitutions of your product and decide on a price that suits you. Define what part of the market you are aiming for, are you going premium or economy. Think accordingly of who is your market and what value this product will hold for them. Beware as this will also influence your brand perception and how people view the quality of your product. This may sound like a no-brainer, pairing your pricing and brand position has a significant influence on your markets brand perception. 

Amazon product selling

Be aware! here at the Private Label Lab we do a lot of food and beverages and we want you to have the best experience possible. Quickly lets touch base on some basic rules if you are using the Amazon fulfilment centres... which you should. When selling food & Beverage:

  • The Expiration date must be in 36 point font on the master carton while also on the individual units too
  • Expiration dates cannot be covered by the Amazon item label or anything else for that matter
  • If your product is bubble wrapped, like for glass, its best to put an expiration date on the outside
  • Do not package items with small foam peanuts or shredded paper, use bubble wrap or air cushions preferably 

Mess up these steps and your client may have to wait a while for their product and/or Amazon will charge you for the extra work required to package your product properly.

Marketing Your Brand - Spending Smart

Now that your product is listed and in the fulfilment warehouse we need to get the word out that your product is there for the world to buy. Amazon offers a whole suit of internal services that favours bidding for top spots on their search. You may be asking why don't I just buy some Keywords in Adwords instead and link that to Amazon? Well because you would be going up against the largest Google Adwords spender in the world, Amazon. That's right, Amazon spends the most on Adwords out of any online retailer full stop. There is no point in trying to fight against the grain if you are looking to embrace Amazon as selling channel. However if you simultaneously look to sell your products privately on your own site then you could really hit some great numbers. Listing your product privately on your own site while simultaneously selling can provide the means to seperate product lines or just reach more people all the time. 

amazon selling reach

Protect your Brand - Be Aggressive 

If you're not taking advantage of the fulfilment services make sure you are speedy with shipping. Stay on top of your inbox and know if you're going to be away from the warehouse or home that someone can send out the products for you. Amazon is obsessive on being fast and they will call you out for shipping anything past three days of when the order has been placed. 

Pushing for reviews, getting five star reviews are important and can definitely drive your product to the top of searches organically. If you get the contact info of your customers shoot them a quick message asking for review, as the good reviews stack up expect a snowball effect to begin for your product. On the flip side don't be afraid to dispute bad reviews that come in, when warranted a jaded customer can have adverse effects on your business. If it comes to it feel free to remedy this situation in anyway possible.

Best to Start Today!

If you are still unsure about navigating the Amazon jungle then why not get in touch with The Private Label Lab? We have worked with some of the largest retail food & beverage companies in the world but also some really great entrepreneurs as well! We would be happy to have a chat to see how we can make your product, brand or idea reach the millions of people on Amazon. Email me at if you have an inquiry.