Private Label Explained....

Private label products or better known as store brands are a source if increasing the margin of the supermarket. They have larger sales due to their demand in the market. Private label products are more in demand because they fulfill the needs of the consumers. A customer or consumer is always looking for a product that is of good quality, comes in a convenient packaging and is within a reasonable price, and private label products fulfill all these needs. In the older times, when people were more into brands, the reason was found that the private label products had cheap and bland packaging but, now the times have changed. Private label products come in a lot better, convenient, innovative and appealing packaging.


The private label brands do not try to blend in with the branded products anymore, they have made their own distinct appearance which never fails to attract the consumers. These store brands are now competing and definitely winning from the branded products, mainly due to their convenient and handsome looking packaging. Yes, discounted prices and quality also plays a major role in the sale of the private label products, but, these are the secondary traits. What is the first thing that catches the consumer’s eye? The answer is convenient and attractive packaging.


A product’s packaging is what makes it appealing, and hence makes the customer buy that product. People now a days a fan of aesthetic looking things. They will literally buy anything that looks good to their eye. Even the most rational people, sometimes, find themselves trusting products based on their packaging. People are not very aware of their emotions when they shop impulsively, but on the other hand the package designers of these private label products are very well aware of the consumer’s mind and their emotions. Keeping these emotions in mind, these product packaging designers, design the packaging by using innovative designs and color psychology to attract their customers.


A study by a journal named Psychology & Marketing, has discovered that when a customer or a buyer sees a product in a packaging that he finds attractive, their brain activity rapidly intensifies and they feel as they are rewarding themselves by getting hands on that product. While on the other hand, when a person sees a product in an attractive packaging, the brain activity remains neutral and connects it with negative emotions. So, from this study we can clearly understand that the innovative packaging matters in staying ahead.


The packaging techniques that are used by the private label products are the most effective in grabbing attention of the buyers. They use the right colors with the help of color psychology, they make sure that their label is written in an attractive manner, it is ensured the packaging material is convenient and of good quality. It does not leak or tear too easily. Any consumer can change their decision based on the quality of the product’s packaging material. The packaging is designed according to the target audience of that product. If the target audience of that product is children of a specific age, then the packaging is designed keeping in mind the things that will attract the attention of a child and if the target audience of that product is an adult, then the packaging will be designed according to the needs of an adult. The design of the packaging also matters on the basis of difference of genders.


Innovative packaging basically adds value to the product, and also tends to meet the other needs of the consumer, like , child-proofing, tamper proofing, easy to open, easy to store, easy to carry, portion control, recyclability, non-breakability, etc.


So, this is how private label products stay ahead of branded products with innovative packaging.