[Focused on your Brand]


Brand Strategy

After we have gained a solid understanding of your company, it's mission and the direction of your brands through our research and insights. We start to deconstruct every facet of your brand and your touch points with your consumer - our goal is simply to improve this experience and to provide solutions to problems you have never knew your customers had. The result is usually a small tweak in current communication, re positioning your branding or creating a new product to fill a niche in the market. 

Brand Representation

We search the world for innovative products for our customers but sometimes the products are perfect just the way they are- the brand is gaining recognition and the customer loves it. These products we keep for ourselves.

We represent no more than two brand in each category so we ensure brand integrity and level of service remains at a world class level inline with your global strategy.

Your brand is our baby, and we are not interested in short term gains at the expense of your product range.

We only represent you if we want to partner with a brand long term.


We are problem solvers


Global Sourcing

We pride ourselves on being industry problem solvers, if there is a product you need in large volume we will find it for you at the price point you need, always with quality in mind.

Research & Development

Whether you need a new flavour or need to reformulate to meet local standards when moving into a new market. Our business will ensure that we facilitate and manage that process with any number of our research facilities until we get the product just right. In fact We won't even present it to you until we think we have it perfect.

Logistics Management

Importing new products comes with additional freight resource that may not be available to you. We deliver freight for some of the world's largest companies stress free and we are happy to do the same for you.