Brand Insights

We study your brand and the competitive landscape. Only once we have a thorough understanding of your proposition, your range and what is currently on shelf can we search, find, or create a complimentary product.

Product Creation

From time to time our research leads us to create a product from scratch with a consumer need that is not being currently met in mind. In these circumstances collectively we decide on the perfect brand to ensure this products success - and if we have come to visit you, then the good news is that it is your brand!

Quality Assurance

At the heart of our business there is a quality product, we do not promote or sell anything that does not have our personal stamp of approval, even if that means we lose a piece of business from time to time.

Our quality assurance progamme spans all of our dealings with you and the manufacturer, from initial samples through to product pulled off the line during production and analysis of product delivered. Our products are of the highest quality standards worldwide and 100% to your product specifications, this is our guarantee.

Identity & Design

We have the ability to create brands, regardless of whether they are new or not, align themselves with your unique company profile. We can design new products based out your current brand architecture - something that will automatically feel at home within your stable of products. As a partner we want to take away as much of the work out of the project as possible - so all you have to do is review and approve.

Product Customization

Sometimes there is a product that is selling well in another market that could do equally as well for you locally. It is a product that teamed with the right identity or brand strategy could immediately appeal to your customers and create sales. It may require a minor tweak in formulation or packaging to be approved by your local standards - these are things we can help you with, in fact if we present a product concept to you we have already ensured it is right for you. 

International Distribution

Delivering products in large volume form all around the world is part of of our core business offering. We are also not in the freight business, nor do we plan to profit on this component of the journey and as such are completely transparent about freight costs. We forward the best freight quotations we can find, and if you find something better or already have a preferred freight supplier we will happily work with them on your behalf.