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Quality problems

The average range of our fine products and ingredients is chosen with GOURMET CHEF in MIND.

The chef prepares a meal each time, and for a great restaurant, is to create a masterpiece. Only the quality of raw materials, can create a special meal, unfortunately, some buyers pay more attention to price rather than the quality of faith, because the end customer does not see the product and packaging, so with the Number of other Ingredients. The truth is that! This will affect your output quality and overall satisfaction of the customer experience and ultimately affect your business. Our organic food at reasonable prices and exquisite ingredients and product lines need not be cut behind the kitchen. Use your wishes to produce meals at a high price.

Our range SAUCE

+ VARIANTES Available:
Habanero sauce, chili sauce, tabasco pepper, green tabasco pepper, marinated, seasoning condiments, Worcester sauce, soy sauce, teriyaki sauce
Product Details:
US Products
Can be used for private brands or brands
Minimum order: 5 containers

Our Innovative range POUCH

+ VARIANTES Available: Pizza Sauce, Marinella Sauce, Whole Peeled Tomatoes,
Product Details: California Fresh Tomatoes EZ Open Tear Seal
Packaging provides 36 months shelf life