Organic matter is currently the main category of growth, there are good reasons. Although pesticides associated with traditional agriculture leave only a small amount of chemicals in the product, the micronization of these chemicals can cause harm to the body and increase the risk of health risks over time

On the contrary, organic matter is a natural food - without pesticides without additives, to increase the useful life of the product. It is a clean and healthy life in the simplest form.
Organic matter usually increases the cost because macro agriculture is still in its infancy and its benefits far outweigh the additional costs. The news is that the Private Label Lab alliance with the world's largest organic producers, making our organic prices in the global context of a very high competitiveness. All our products are also recognized by the main organic organizations in the world.

Without insecticides
Without fertilizer
Without additives





Canned Retail (~ 425G)
+ VARIANTES Available:
Green beans, carrots, sweetcorn, red kidney beans, five bean mix and black beans.
Product of the USA
USDA Organic Certificate
Can be used for private brands or brands
Minimum order: 5 containers





+ Available Variants:

Sauce, sliced, diced, diced with pepper, italian style, petite, tomato sauce, sliced, enameled with paste.
you can use value added variables:
dicado, sliced in garlic, enameled, salsa style.

product details:
description: california ripe tomatoes (fresh packaging), vapor peel the great taste. no preservatives, free gluten, high lycopene, vitamin c, and and folic acid. high antioxidant.
country of origin: usa
size: ~ 425g
case: 410g x 24
100% recyclable container, sustainable packaging, bpa free


                                 FRUIT PACK(4 X 125G)


                            "Vonarch Organic Collection” 

                            "Vonarch Organic Collection” 

+ VARIANTES Available:
Peaches, pears and two fruits are in natural fruit juices Product Details: Our delicious natural fruit cup series is organic to grow and choose from healthy snacks. US Products Organic Certified
Minimum Order: 5 containers



+ VARIANTES Available:

Peaches, Pears and Two Fruits Product Details: Our series of delicious natural fruit is fresh and actually adds antioxidants and some vitamins in the fruit. The canning process adds some antioxidants to make the body more likely to absorb certain nutrients.
US Products Organic Certified
Minimum Order: 5 containers



+ VARIANTES Available:

Seeds of Chia, Acai, hemp seeds, goji berries, maca powder, chlorella powder, cocoa powder

Product Details:
Packaged with incredible health benefits, our super food contains the world and nature offers the highest quality, rich nutrients in raw materials.

Dutch Products
Certified organic product
Minimum order: 5 containers