FCL Full Container Loads

                Our business deals in only FCL's.


Custom Products require it

Manufacturers do not deal in small quantities... Especially when it comes to custom products and custom formulation.  Most our our MOQ's are 3-5 , 20' containers for the first order depending on the product.

Economies of scale

The Private Label Lab produces product on a massive scale therefore giving it a competitive advantage when it becomes to other manufacturers.  Purchasing product in bulk again allows us to pass savings on to our customers.

Less overheads

Our business does not have CEO's who earn multi million dollar bonuses.  We keep our overheads low as to pass on savings to our customers.  We minimise warehousing and see ourselves as a global business who can operate anywhere in the world through the cloud.  Having said that we have personnel available all over the owrld to be able to meet with you and dicsus your personalised needs.